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The Protocol Newsletter Issuer Spotlight: LIFULL

Read the latest edition of the Protocol Newsletter featuring Tsunahiro Matsuzaka, LIFULL Blockchain Group Leader & LIFULL Investment CEO, as he discusses how LIFULL is leading the way with digital securities crowdfunding for real estate in Japan.

1. What is LIFULL?

We operate one of the largest real estate information portals in Japan.

2. Who is your typical customer?

Our clients include over 20,000 developers, brokers, agents, and funds in Japan. Our direct connection to the Japanese real estate industry is one of our greatest strengths.

3. Please describe how you are using digital securities to service your clients.

We use the Securitize Platform to provide customers with a security token issuance service based on the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures, a law to protect the profits and interests of business partners as well as to contribute to the sound development of specified joint real estate ventures.

4. What features of digital securities do you feel give you an advantage in the real estate marketplace?

Until now, securitization has only been considered economically viable for large assets, such as commercial real estate. However, digital securities have made it possible to securitize small-scale real estate, such as general residential properties, by lowering origination and management costs. We believe this will enable us to respond to the needs of the market.

5. How do you see digital securities transforming the real estate market in Japan and beyond?

Only 2% of Japanese real estate has been securitized, leaving an enormous gap in the market for these products. Marketplaces for real estate securities are also still underdeveloped, and we believe creating such a marketplace will greatly accelerate the securitization of real estate in Japan.

6. This is one of the first real applications of digital securities for real estate and crowdfunding, what are some benefits you see for being one of the first to market with a digital securities product?

Until recently, Japanese real estate crowdfunding has been focused on the primary market, which has led to a tendency for funds with long investment periods to shy away from them. This has made it difficult for investors to make stable mid- to long-term investments-the bread and butter of real estate investment. We believe that we will be able to tackle this issue for our customers by introducing digital securities as soon as possible.

7. Why do you think Japan continually leads the world on the development and adoption of new technology and are digital securities another example of this global leadership?

Although Japan is said to be a country with a declining birthrate and an aging population, many young people are trying to overcome these challenges through technology, and there are numerous blockchain communities that are continuously developing and attempting to implement this technology into society.

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