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Instant Access: Easy, Secure and Compliant Peer-to-Peer Transactions of Digital Securities

Securitize’s new Instant Access feature allows issuers of Digital Securities to offer new transfer options to their investors

When Securitize first designed its decentralized compliance protocol, the DS Protocol, one of our main goals was to provide issuers with powerful tools for compliant secondary market transactions. To date, Securitize has led the industry in developing compliant transfer options for issuers to offer their investors, and we are proud to add to that list today with a new feature called, Securitize Instant Access.

Securitize Instant Access is a very significant release for issuers and their investors looking for liquidity. When allowed by the issuer, this feature enables investors in private securities to quickly and easily create compliant peer-to-peer transactions with no counterparty risk. What has typically been a very burdensome and time-consuming process (trading private securities) can now be completed compliantly in seconds with no fees other than the “gas costs” associated with the Ethereum blockchain. Neither Securitize nor any other party will be paid fees for these transactions.

This is the true manifestation of how blockchain-based securities implement instant delivery vs payment (DvP) transactions of securities with no counterparty risk.

The Instant Access feature is now available to all DS Protocol powered issuers in addition to our other compliant secondary market integrations. Instant Access must be enabled by an issuer and will only be accessible on the issuer's private website, not through Securitize's website.

To read a more detailed description of our Instant Access feature, complete with step-by-step instructions, click here.

To set up a demo with a member of the Securitize team, click here.

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