Securitize announces $48 million Series B capital raise to build future of Digital Asset Securities

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Securitize iD enables one-click login for investors to quickly access any offering.*

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The Advantages of Securitize iD

For Issuers:

  1. Don’t make investors go through KYC/B each time you have a new offering
  2. Comprehensive online KYC screening of individuals and entities
  3. Ongoing nightly screening of every investor against foreign and domestic watchlists such as OFAC, EU, Interpol, and many more
  4. Eliminate “Not in Good Order" Issues (NIGO) thanks to our ongoing monitoring

For Investors

  1. Secure one-click login process for subscribed and new offerings
  2. Eliminate repeated scanning and uploading of documents for every investment
  3. Instant onboarding with safe and secure process using bank-level security for your personal information
  4. Total control of your data through a single portal with robust security measures, including 2FA

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*Individuals or entities using Securitize iD must discover the issuer’s offering on their own. Securitize, Inc. (“Securitize”) is not a registered broker-dealer and will not introduce or connect any individuals or entities utilizing Securitize iD to issuers for purposes of prospective investment opportunities. Securitize does not give investment advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendations with respect to any securities.


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