Securitize reaches 10th digital security on-chain with Curzio Research’s issuance of the CEO token

July 30, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, 30 JULY 2019 - Securitize, the trusted global solution for issuing compliant digital securities, has just announced the issuance of Curzio Equity Owners’ CEO token, making it the 10th issued digital security to be using Securitize’s DS Protocol and platform technology.

“We are proud to be a part of the digital securities industry and to have reached the 10 Issued Digital Securities milestone. With the help of great partners and dedicated issuers, we are transforming what was formerly an inefficient and mostly analog process, into a digital, more efficient, compliant, and liquid one, enabling the next growth phase for private capital markets. We look forward to our other 30+ customers issuing their digital securities soon,” said Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder and CEO of Securitize.

Curzio Research tokenized an equity stake in its investment newsletter business, offering people an opportunity to invest in an incredibly scalable, high-margin industry that is normally difficult for outsiders to access.

“I’m excited to be an early adopter of digital securities, an industry that's disrupting the traditional high-fee investment banking business model. Securitize was extremely helpful to us while navigating the new landscape of issuing a fully compliant digital security token. Its innovative platform guided our investors through the entire process, from learning about the investment opportunity to managing the token,” said Frank Curzio, CEO and Founder of Curzio Research.

The news follows Securitize’s recent Q2 announcement that the total value of all issued and outstanding digital securities running on the Securitize platform and DS Protocol (listed below) is approaching $200M.

Securitize’s Digital Securities (DS) Protocol is the most widely adopted in the industry; five digital securities powered by the DS Protocol can now be traded on regulated digital securities marketplaces OpenFinance Network, tZERO, and Sharespost, with more in the pipeline.

The complete list of digital securities running on the Securitize platform and DS Protocol can be found below.

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About Securitize: Securitize delivers trusted global solutions for creating compliant digital securities. The Securitize compliance platform and protocol provide a proven, full-stack solution for issuing and managing digital securities (security tokens). Securitize’s innovative DS Protocol has the highest adoption rate in the industry and enables seamless, fully compliant trading across multiple markets simultaneously. Multiple Securitize powered digital securities are already trading globally on public marketplaces with many more in the pipeline.

About Curzio Research: Curzio Research, Inc. is an independent financial publishing company dedicated to providing deep-dive market analysis, unique stock ideas, and the tools individual investors need to consistently generate market-beating returns. The Curzio Equity Owners token (CEO) is the first-ever digital security to be offered in an industry that has been inaccessible to most investors.

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... existing digital securities tokens on the Ethereum blockchain are: