Securitize and JSTA to Accelerate Adoption of Digital Securities in Japan

June 18, 2019

TOKYO, June 18th, 2019 -- The Japan Security Token Association (JSTA), a Japanese organization focused on advocating for a compliant Digital Securities industry, and Securitize, which delivers trusted global solutions for compliant digital securities including issuance and lifecycle management, are collaborating to accelerate the adoption of Digital Securities in Japan.

Together, Securitize and JSTA will work closely with established financial institutions, local businesses and regulators to educate them on the advantages of digital securities and how the technologies being advanced by Securitize and its partners have made digital securities and secondary markets a reality that is available today.

Securitize’s platform and Digital Securities Protocol are a proven global solution for issuing and managing digital securities on both public and permission-based blockchains. There are currently eight issued digital securities running on the Securitize platform and DS Protocol, with four of them trading on public markets like Open Finance Network.

“Our partnership with the Japan Security Token Association illustrates our dedication to the Japanese market and our belief that Japan will not only continue to be one of the leading traditional financial centers but will also lead in the development and adoption of digital securities as the future of all securities,” said Carlos Domingo, CEO and Co-Founder of Securitize.

As the leading advocator for Digital Securities in Japan, JSTA’s deep local knowledge of the industry and its laws will ensure that Japanese interests and regulations are represented, while creating pathways for international and local businesses and investors to transact and trade.

“Japan is at the dawn of the new financial era with digital securities, and Securitize is exactly the best partner for JSTA, so as to enlighten the existing financial market and promote practical uses of digital securities, aligned with the coming regulations and legal frameworks,” said Go Masuda, Co-Chairman of JSTA.

The partnership with JSTA builds on multiple Securitize projects now running in Asia, including a deal with Elevated Returns to tokenize over $1B in real estate in Thailand on the Tezos blockchain. The deal with JSTA was led by Securitize’s Jacqueline Kwok, Director of Business Development APAC.


About Securitize

Securitize delivers trusted global solutions for creating compliant digital securities. The Securitize compliance platform and protocol provide a proven, full-stack solution for issuing and managing digital securities (security tokens). Securitize’s innovative DS Protocol has the highest adoption rate in the industry and enables seamless, fully compliant trading across multiple markets simultaneously. Multiple Securitize powered digital securities are already trading globally on public marketplaces with many more in the pipeline.

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About The Japan Security Token Association

The association seeks to improve the quality of security tokens through research, research, dissemination and enlightenment activities regarding security token technology, systems, and businesses, and strives to ensure the soundness of the ecosystem using security tokens, as well as fairness. At the same time, we are working to contribute to the sound development of the Japanese economy by contributing to the improvement and improvement of people's lives by securing and promoting opportunities for free economic activities and their revitalization.

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