Securitize announces $48 million Series B capital raise to build future of Digital Asset Securities

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Raise your next round of capital from your customers

The Mini-IPO is the most cost-efficient end-to-end solution for raising up to $75M from retail investors.

Mini IPO

Invite your customers, friends and family to become shareholders in your business, and to participate in your next capital raise. Dubbed the mini-IPO, a Regulation A+ allows private companies the most efficient path to raising up to $75M from U.S. retail investors.

Join the next wave in raising capital. Keep more of the money you raise, maintain 100% ownership of your investors, and make your raise more appealing to investors by enabling liquidity with our fully-digital all-in-one Mini-IPO solution

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Securitize is the only fully end-to-end digital solution for raising capital, from the primary issuance to the ability to enable the potential for secondary market liquidity.

Test the Waters

We help you gauge the interest of your offering before filing for SEC qualification. Measure the potential for demand and interest by presenting the conditions of your raise to potential investors on our platform.

Complete Reg. A+ SEC application

Eliminate the taxing process of finding experienced counsel for SEC qualification with our referred legal counsel and reduce the cost and effort of preparing, submitting and working through the SEC qualification process.

Market your offering

Promoting your offering and ensuring the communications are consistent with regulatory requirements is a component of our end-to-end solution. We also help you reach new investor-bases and provide your customers and investors with access and the potential to participate.

Full access to the Securitize platform

Our complete end-to-end platform provides the technology needed to raise capital from investors, including investor onboarding flow with suitability questionnaires and screeners, and an issuer portal with an up-to-date cap-table, shareholder communication tools, and dashboards. This platform is powered by Securitize iD and our transfer agent services.

Primary marketplace

List your primary issuance in Securitize Markets where you gain exposure to our investor population and where new prospective investors can access your branded investor landing page. Securitize Markets is an SEC and FINRA licensed broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS).

Secondary trading

Provide access for new investors and customers to invest in your brand in-between funding cycles while at the same time enabling a path for employees and current shareholders to find liquidity. Securitize Markets is an SEC and FINRA licensed broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS).

Reasons to Include Retail Investors in your Capital Raise:

  • Investors are more loyal and buy more from brands whose stocks they own.
  • 80% of individual investors agree that being a shareholder in a brand would make them more likely to be a customer of that company.
  • Your best source of investment capital is your own communities of fans and customers.

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What is the fundraising max for Reg. A+?

With a Reg A+, you can raise between $4M-$75M from investors.

How long does SEC qualification take?

The short answer is it depends, but 60-100 days is a typical timeframe. However, the SEC qualification depends on many factors and it could take longer.

Is Securitize Markets registered with the SEC and FINRA?

Yes, Securitize Markets, a subsidiary of Securitize, is a FINRA member and an SEC-registered Broker-Dealer. Securitize Markets is also the operator of Securitize Markets ATS, an SEC-regulated Alternative Trading System (ATS). Securitize, Inc is an SEC registered Transfer Agent.

What blockchains do you work with?

Our platform is blockchain agnostic and can work with the best blockchains for enabling digital asset securities. Visit to view the full list of blockchains we’ve built APIs into.

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