Back-end Developer / Architect: Team Leader | Tel Aviv
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Posted on: Jun 28, 2019

Securitize is an exciting global fintech company focused on tokenizing real-world assets (security tokens or digital securities) on the blockchain. We are looking to hire developers for our rapidly expanding Israel-based development team. We are one of the leading security token issuance and compliance platforms in the industry. If the blockchain world interests you, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.


For our back-end team, we’re looking for a Lead Developer / Team Leader position.

Our back-end system serves as the technological backbone for all our company’s products, connecting the user-accessible parts to the blockchain infrastructure.

As systems that potentially deal with billions of dollars, our products need to be bulletproof in their logic, and testable, while being focused on simplicity and extendability at all times. You will need to be able to provide fast and robust technological solutions to these requirements while keeping in mind flexibility and a sound architecture that can continue evolving.

The position will include hands-on development and definition of the product implementation, as well as managing an expanding team, starting with 4 people at the current state.


Knowledge and technologies:

- Extensive NodeJS development experience (typescript experience a plus).

- Extensive experience with databases (relational and non-relational).

- Ethereum / Solidity experience a plus but not required.

- Security - Experience with implementation of highly secure systems - a plus.


- Minimum of 5 years of professional development experience.

- Experience in team leading - a big plus.

- Proven experience in middle-to-large scale system architecture.

- Self-reliance; being able to come up with solutions to problems without super-detailed instructions.

- While experience is not required, interest in the blockchain world is a must.