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Digital Security Issuers on the Securitize Platform

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Aspen Coin

Securitize has been a great partner for Their platform and DS Protocol continues to lead the market which puts us in a position to take full advantage of the modernization of investment markets, and this new digital asset class.

— Tony DiMatteo | CEO

Upgrading to the Securitize platform and DS Protocol means the BCAP token will always maintain compliance, upgradability and the ability to trade on the world’s best marketplaces and exchanges.

— Bradford W. Stevens | BCAP CEO

Everything has become digital over the years, however, securities are a whole different beast. Securitize has created a programable digital security that satisfies capital raise initiatives, investors, and regulators. Their digital financial asset validates this whole new market.

— Pete Wassell | Augmate CEO

Why tokenize with digital securities?

Digital securities modernize raising capital by upgrading a traditionally illiquid, tedious, and costly process. Some features of digitized securities are:



Built-in global regulatory compliance coded into the DS and protocol levels



Self-executing Investor & Issuer rights (dividends, buybacks, etc…)



Access to global markets 24/7/365


Fractional Ownership

Driving further liquidity for Issuers and Investors


Transparent AND Immutable

Providing more direct and certain ownership to Investors



Eliminate friction and middlemen

The Securitize Platform

The Securitize platform is a proven, robust, feature-rich platform with multiple successful issuances of digital securities on the blockchain.


End-to-End Platform

Securitize is a full stack technology & services platform with powerful features and specialized tools for both investors and issuers. The Securitize platform allows users to manage their digital securities from one convenient dashboard.


Coded Compliance

The Securitize DS Protocol provides the most complete, flexible and adopted compliance solution in the market today. The DS Protocol ensures digital securities issued via the Securitize platform can be traded compliantly across all marketplaces and exchanges.


Open Platform

Our open platform enables Securitize to focus on primary issuance & lifecycle management while leveraging partner network & driving protocol adoption. By listening to our customers and counsel we better facilitate the compliant issuance and trading of digital securities on a global scale.

The DS Protocol

Securitize's Digital Securities (DS) Protocol has the highest adoption rate in the market today and provides a seamless compliant integration solution for Issuers, Investors and Exchanges throughout the entire digital security lifecycle, from initial issuance to trading, distribution, and governance.


(Primary Issuance)

  • Compliant Issuance
  • Direct Custody (ERC20 Compliant)
  • Investor Whitelisting
  • Compliance Management



  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Compliant Trading
  • New Investors
    (Via Trusted Security Exchanges)

Life Cycle

(Execution of Token Rights)

  • Economic Rights
    (Dividens, Profit Sharing)
  • Governance
  • Buy-back / Redemption
  • Freeze / Burn
  • Transfer Agent Functions
    (Cap Table Management, Token Swap)
  • Upgradability

Marketplaces & Exchanges Partnering to Support The DS Protocol

Ds Partner Airswap
Ds Partner Sharespost
Ds Partner Openfinance
Ds Partner Bnktothefuture
Ds Partner Tzero
Blocktrade Exchange 01

Platform Services

Securitize is proud to provide industry-leading tools and services for issuers of, and investors in, digital securities. We are dedicated to providing our customers with services that will ensure their funding and capital management success.


Issuer Services

  • DS Issuance & Managment
  • End-to-End Document Handling
  • Investor Communications
  • Issuer Admin Dashboard
  • Investor Accreditation

Investor Services

  • Signup Wizard
  • Wallet Managment
  • Branded Investor Dashboard
  • Token Distribution
  • Day 1 Liquidity

Support Services

  • Crypto Escrow and Custodian
  • Fiat Escrow
  • Investor Accreditation Tool
  • Document Signature Tool
  • Distribution tools
  • 3rd Party Ethereum Wallets

This site is operated by Securitize, Inc. (“Securitize”), which is not a registered broker-dealer. Securitize does not give investment advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendations with respect to any digital securities. All digital securities powered by Securitize’s technology are offered by, and all information related thereto is the responsibility of, the applicable issuer of such digital securities. Neither Securitize nor any of its officers, directors, agents and employees makes any recommendation or endorsement whatsoever regarding any digital securities powered by Securitize’s technology. Nothing on this website should be construed as an offer, distribution or solicitation of any digital securities. Securitize does not provide custodial services in connection with any digital securities powered by Securitize’s technology.