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Securitize is an end-to-end platform for tokenizing any asset

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Type: Fund

SPiCE is tokenizing the world. SPiCE VC invests in ICOs and their infrastructure. By tokenizing its own securities on a globally regulation-compliant platform, SPiCE not only delivers liquidity to its own investors, but also leads the way in the second wave of ICOs – the tokenization of ownership.


Batch 22 of 500 Startups

Type: Fund

22X Fund represents a revolution in startup investing, the first time a group of founders has self-organized to pool their companies’ equity – on equal terms – and offer investment to a global pool of investors.



Type: Fund

CryptoOracle invests in and support the growth of companies paving the way for the new Crypto economy which will be based upon technologies including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, decentralization, and zero knowledge proof.



Type: Company

Kairos is building the future of identity, powered by state-of-the-art face biometrics and blockchain technology. By enabling individuals to take control of their identities and secure them on our Blockchain, Kairos is pivoting the power of identity monetization from corporations, to consumers.


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Type: Company

A Blockchain-powered global charitable raffle platform from Lottery.com, the leader in digital lottery. Partnering with some of the world’s largest charities, sports franchises and celebrities, to operate raffles with significant jackpots, recorded on the blockchain, and raising funds for good causes.

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Limited Launch Slots in Q1/08!

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What are security tokens?

Security tokens power the next wave of regulation-compliant ICOs. They replace paper certificates with digital tokens on the blockchain. Security tokens to enable liquidity, trading scale, new investor audiences, cost savings, and new financing models.

How tokenized ownership works

For the last 1,000 years ownership of most assets was managed by all parties to each transaction signing paper certificates. With tokenized securities, there is one document

that defines the rights of token holders, and the tokens themselves are a proxy to that master document, and can trade just like cryptocurrencies, within regulations.

Bitcoin Token

What is bitcoin?

Value (money) you can hold or trade.

Securitize Token

What is tokenized security?

Value (ownership) you can hold or trade.

Why tokenize?

By making ownership tokenized we move it from the analog world of certificates to the digital world of the blockchain. Holding tokens or trading them, and by doing so, holding or trading ownership of assets - becomes simple and efficient.


Traditionally illiquid assets can increase their liquidity on the blockchain


Every crypto wallet holder can participate subject to regulations


New investors who traditionally had no access to invest can now participate

Cost savings

Transaction cost of trading tokens is effectively zero, compared to legal processes


New financing models, never possible before

The Securitize service and platform

Securitize is a turnkey white-label solution for tokenization of securities of funds, companies and other assets. Securitize manages the processing of the investors you secure from login to capital received, as well as the issuance and management of security tokens throughout the lifetime of the asset.


Pre ICO readiness

We help you prepare, and advise on your options, help with external providers such as legal and marketing and build your ICO website in compliance with all regulations and under the legal team’s guidance.


ICO management

The Securitize platform allows investors to register, go through investment process including KYC/AML, accreditation, and all legal requirements – all the way to enabling the receipt of crypto and fiat investments


Token issuance

The platform issues security tokens, with both the central management component require for regulation compliance, and the smart contracts, with options for tailor-made solutions for your business model


Asset lifetime

After the ICO, investors have their dashboard on the platform where information is presented and management functions are provided such as buybacks and dividends, wallet management etc.

Global Regulation Compliance

Our philosophy is that security tokens should comply with all existing regulations in each country. Therefore Securitize tailors the entire user experience for each investor based on their country and the advice of the client’s legal team, including various checks, different legal documents per country, management of quotas for types of investors etc. This enables our clients to maximize their global investor footprint, while staying well within the guidelines of their legal advisers.


About us:


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Tim Reynders

Tim Reynders

Founder / Chief Operating Officer

Managing Partner at AidenLair Global Partners, Founder, Terreo (Acquired by Verifone), Founder and CEO, Protelo Group, Sr. Director Corporate Development, Exodus Communications, Executive Director, Cohesive Technology Solutions (Acquired by Exodus Communications).

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Jamie Finn

Jamie Finn

Founder / Chief Strategy Officer

Former EVP Business Development Aki, AT&T, Kontera, Telefonica, RingRing Media, Thumbplay, Ericsson, Zingy. Angel Investor: SpiceVC, Voicebase, Rogue Paper, Funding Wonder, Qylur. Advisor: Mohound, Coral Group, Ariadne Capital.

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Shay Finkelstein

Shay Finkelstein

Founder / Chief Technology Officer

CTO at SPiCE VC. Co-Founder and CTO at WorkGroup; Owner, Founder and Manager of Dataphase; Software team leader at Yael Software, WonderNet and Mamram.

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Carlos Domingo

Carlos Domingo

Founder / Chairman

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SPiCE VC. Former CEO of Telefonica R&D, New Business and Innovation Telefonica Digital, Extensis, Lizardtech and Celartem; Founder (Wayra, Sling Ventures, Dubai Angel Investors), venture partner at THCAP; Angel investor (Startupxplorer, Novicap, Blinkfire, Chicfy, Ulabox, etc.)

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Ami Ben David

Ami Ben David

Founder / Advisor and Board member

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SPiCE VC. Former founder and head of Product and Marketing at Everything.me, Ki-Bi Mobile [IPO], AladdinSoft (product sold to NASDAQ: MGIC); Founder and CEO of WorkGroup; VP Investment, Magma Venture Fund; SVP Europe and Asia at Oberon media.

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Tal Elyashiv

Tal Elyashiv

Founder / Advisor

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SPiCE VC. Former CIO at Bank of America; CIO at Capital One; CTO & Head of New Businesses at 888; COO at BondDesk; Founder and CEO (Navion, Exactor, Yallo); Angel investor and board member (Humavox, 365Scores, Zoomd, Exactor, Jobookit, Mobilus, etc.)


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18th of January, 2018 | Miami, USA

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19th of January, 2018 | Miami, USA

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