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The Digital Securities Advantage

Digital securities offer an advantage to issuers by reducing costs, saving time, and offering a higher quality experience for investors.



Access global capital in a compliant way.



Add value with instant settlement & fractional ownership.



Eliminate middlemen, save time & money.

Working with Securitize

No other platform or protocol is more trusted or empirically proven.

Customer Testimonials

“Secu­ri­tize has been a great part­ner for Lot​tery​.com. Their plat­form and DS Pro­to­col con­tin­ues to lead the mar­ket which puts us in a posi­tion to take full advan­tage of the mod­ern­iza­tion of invest­ment mar­kets, and this new dig­i­tal asset class.”

— Tony DiMatteo | CEO

“Upgrad­ing to the Secu­ri­tize plat­form and DS Pro­to­col means the BCAP token will always main­tain com­pli­ance, upgrad­abil­i­ty and the abil­i­ty to trade on the world’s best mar­ket­places and exchanges.”

— Bradford W. Stevens | BCAP CEO

“Every­thing has become dig­i­tal over the years, how­ev­er, secu­ri­ties are a whole dif­fer­ent beast. Secu­ri­tize has cre­at­ed a pro­gram­ma­ble dig­i­tal secu­ri­ty that sat­is­fies cap­i­tal raise ini­tia­tives, investors, and reg­u­la­tors. Their dig­i­tal finan­cial asset val­i­dates this whole new market.”

— Pete Wassell | Augmate CEO

Securitize Powered Digital Securities

Live Digital Securities

Live Digital Securities

Trading in Public Markets

Trading in Public Markets

Current Customer Pipeline

Current Customer Pipeline

Live Digital Securities Powered By The Securitize Platform

Introducing the Securitize Pre-Trade Verification Tool Beta

The Pre-Trade Verification Tool allows anyone to pre-check the transfer of any DS Protocol powered digital securities.

All you need are the wallet addresses involved in the transfer.

It's a free, easy way to confirm if a transfer will be allowed.

Try our Pre-Trade Tool

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Secu­ri­tize active­ly part­ners with proven com­pa­nies and orga­ni­za­tions to help issuers achieve their goals.

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